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Distribution: Major Companies in Romania is distributed for free. Copy available only free of charge, not for sale. MCR From the editor This note is not about detailed techniques or complicated numbers.

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In good times and bad times alike we feel we need to know who has remained strong, who is struggling to become stronger and who is fighting to avert weaknesses. We want to be the most qualified tellers of corporate performance criteria because this will also make you the happy users of the data, and equally more qualified critics and observers of the business environment.

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Knowing all these is not as simple as drawing tables or punching in numbers such as turnovers, revenues or net incomes into a computer. Then again, and equally important, because we bring in experts and observers to tell the story behind each and every industry that we assess in our Major Companies in Romania.

Last but not least, we believe that making saturn impex trading mobilier metalic this data available online will turn our work into a truly helpful database that all of you can access from everywhere, at anytime without having to carry the print version with you at all times.

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