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Common elements[ edit ] Strategic Command games are all turn-based strategiesset in World War II except for the Patton Drives East expansion pack of Strategic Command 2which also features post-war campaigns and scenarios. The most important fraction of the game is commanding the military units, but the player also controls the research of technologies and diplomatic relations. Neutral states may join the war in certain circumstances for example, in European Theater, Spain may become an Axis state, if other Axis powers first manage to defeat the United Kingdom[4] or when one side directly declares a war against them.

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Apart from campaigns — in which the game takes place on a whole theatre of war — Strategic Command series also feature scenarios taking place on smaller maps, [5] and portraying only single events, such as Operation Market Garden or the war recenzii opțiuni de scară strategică Cyprus.

Since Strategic Command 2, weather and diplomatic pressure are modeled in the games. It was the only Strategic Command game taking place on a hex mapwith one hexagon representing 50 miles of terrain.

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Creating fan-made campaigns was also possible. With the "neutral" option, those states won't join the war, unless it will be directly declared against them.

The first one added new terrain types, roads and rail lines to the game, [7] while the second one included new campaigns and scenarios, some of them post-World War II or fictional, including the titular "Patton Drives East", which portrays a hypothetical conflict between the US and USSR following the defeat of Nazi Germany.

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