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Planning[ edit ] Stabæk traditionally has played their home games at Nadderud Stadiona municipal multi-purpose stadium at Bekkestua. Following the club's rapid ascent from lower divisions to the top league during the first half of the s, Nadderud became in need of upgrades, resulting in a new main grandstand opening in The initial proposal was named Blue Dream Arena, would have seating for 25, spectators, blue artificial turf and a retractable roof.

International rules disallowed blue artificial turf; instead, the flooring in the boxes were made in a blue, artificial turf-inspired material.

Telenor Arena

Also the idea of having a retractable roof was discarded, both because of technical difficulties and cost issues. Ulrichsen bought shares for NOK 10 million to avoid bankruptcy; these shares had the option to be converted to shares in the arena company. Negotiations started between the club, the property company and Mayor Odd Reinsfelt.

In Novemberit was announced that a compromise was reached whereby Fornebu Boligspar would give the lot free to Stabæk, in exchange for a lot nearby.

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They needed a hectares acres lot which would have a market value of between NOK 60 and 80 million, and Reinsfelt stated that the municipality was willing to help by "maneuver in gray areas within the margins". The condition was that the municipality allowed a more dense use of the rest of FB's area.

This would require a re-regulation of the area, and Reinsfelt estimated that it would not be possible for construction to start until Until Stabæk's proposal was made, UEFA had not thought that anyone would build a pitch with a non-green turf, and representatives stated that it was because of Stabæk the rule change was made.

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However, because of the building boom, concrete elements needed for construction to start meant that the rest of the construction was delayed. Because of larger seating capacityan all-seating arrangement, higher attendance and VIP facilities, Stabæk is able to generate three times the matchday revenue from Telenor Arena as Nadderud.

The bus stops closest to the venue are closed, and a large number of police officers have to direct the traffic. These are costs which have to be carried by the arena company, and contrasts to matches at the nearly twice as large Ullevaal, where no such measures are necessary. This contract has a revenue of NOK 9 million per year.

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Chair Diderik Schnitler in Stabæk Holding stated that the business model was not sustainable. The football schedule was not made until early in the year, while in the event business, bookings were common one to two years in advance.

It was therefore difficult to secure lucrative events, as large parts of the year had to be held in reserve in case the venue was needed for yet-to-be scheduled matches.

Stabæk Fotball stated that they had a year contract to use the venue.

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Because of building permits, construction would take two to three years. This would grant Stabæk Fotball the right to continue to lease the venue even if the holding company went bankrupt.

A preliminary injunction for this was granted by Asker and Bærum District Court.

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Stabæk would remain at Telenor Arena for at least the season. In addition, the club held an option to take over the responsibility for events at the venue.

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Stabæk Fotball had until 30 June to accept the option, which would allow the club to remain at the venue on a permanent basis. This would require them to invest NOK 20 million recenzii opțiune ifk an event administration, which would increase event revenue, but at the same time move the risk from Stabæk Holding to Stabæk Fotball.

If the club declined the option, they would not be allowed to play at the venue from the season. The necessary NOK 35 million would entail a risk the club was not willing to take. The club stated that they hoped they could remain at the stadium by establishing a foundation which could purchase the venue form Ulrichsen.

If this does not work out, recenzii opțiune ifk club will have to relocate from the season. The club is then considering relocating back to Nadderud, to Ullevaal or to Marienlyst. The club estimates that any relocation would result in the club losing half their revenue.

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Subsequently, the pitch was removed, and Stabæk returned to Nadderud from the season. The federation stated that they would use the tournament to evaluate if the venue was suitable as a new national arena for handball.

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The tournament saw low attendance and Danish commentator Bent Nyegaard criticized the arena for being too large. The federation was happy with the arena, and stated that were planning on using it for finals in their bid for future World and European Handball Championships.

Telenor, Norway's largest telecommunications company, holds the naming rights for the stadium. The venue has seating for 15, spectators for recenzii opțiune ifk, and 25, for concerts.

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The arena is entirely indoors, and has a height clearance of 23 meters 75 ft to the beams and 33 meters  ft to the roof. The floor surface is by 82 meters by  ftwhile the pitch is by 60 meters by  ft. The mother company for the other companies is Stabæk Holding AS. Fornebu Arena AS is the actual owner of the real estate.

Fornebu Event AS is responsible for renting out the venue for concerts, conventions and other non-sporting events.

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