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Falcon FX Monthly Show - This Is How You Can Be A Forex Master... - Episode: 10

Targeting the mass affluent market, the new product aims in providing the clients with a best in breed application enabling them to manage their wealth and perform their day-to-day banking transactions in an easy and intuitive way. Through a multi-currency account and cum se face bitcoin issuance of a World Elite Mastercard debit card coupled with access to all the majors European Stocks and ETFs clients will be able to Bank, Trade and Invest from a single app.

Responsibilities Develop and enforce sound policies and structures for the growth of the company Set up workflow process for banking operations and provide the support needed for smooth operations Create and monitor a strong workforce by developing competent individuals in the banking operations team. Delegate tasks to members of the operations team.

Monitor daily operations to ensure a free flow process and supervise the execution of daily tasks.

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Ensure client data is protected from the public and secured against fraud by enforcing access rights and verification levels. Collaborate with heads of other units to develop best practices for successful banking operations. Create and implement long term business plan to ensure continuity of business operations in the long run Develop a business continuity plan.

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Report to the Management in all matters of importance. Review and resolve customer related issues, concerns, requests, problems, posturi vacante forex complaints. Manage relationships with partners and vendors.

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